natural holiday style

natural holiday style doorstep decor with natural greens and moss
natural holiday style mantelpiece decorations
natural holiday style table decorations
fresh holiday flowers
fresh holiday currants
natural holiday style pacesetting
natural twig advent calendar
fresh eucalyptus natural holiday garland
natural holiday style
natural holiday gift tags
twiggy natural holiday style topiaries
The above style images are taken from the style books which my mom, Jean Revers, has created to inspire her life and design style. Amassed over the past twenty years, the images speak to her signature and superlative taste for all things natural and wild. Thank you for lending your vision to the natural style post!
As these images have been removed from their original sources I have been unable to determine their origin. If you know their source, please help me give them credit for their fabulous design.
(Image #1 is from Martha Stewart Living)
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