I wasn’t going to do it, I thought it was too soon… but I saw this and I couldn’t help myself…

For the holidays (that was my reason for pause – I prefer them to start post-turkey – but I guess one should be prepared, and I guess that is only a few weeks away!) I start again… For the holidays, West Elm has teamed up with party planner David Stark to design a line of decorations which use his knack for taking humble materials, like cardboard and paper, and repurposing them as witty, wonderful objects. Thus, that ridiculously adorable bird.

Made from eco-friendly materials, the decorations, which span everything from garland to flowers to trees, are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional tinsel. And if you want my opinion, they can be used for everyday decoration, and I’d suggest everyday store display (bottom pic – hello hat stand,) because their not overly holiday-ey. For example, I’m going to get that bird, because, as previously mentioned, it’s ridiculously adorable. And I’m going to look at it all year. Here are some pieces from the collection:

All available from West Elm.
And if you are at all craftily inclined, I daresay you could try this at home.
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