getting fresh – the best little gifts ever

shell gifts and party favors by Robin Charlotte

I’ve been admiring these creations from Robin Charlotte for a while. First, they are airplants so I love them right off the bat. But it’s not that, it’s what she does with them that gets me. Her pairings of airplants and shells and other containers mixes quirky, cool, and natural in a way that is so right.

Airplant Thank You Gifts and Wedding Favors

Airplant GiftsBest yet is their giftability. They are just the right size and just the right price to send someone a little something. Wrapped in stamped craft boxes with sweet little messages they are great for any occasion – birthdays, love, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just because. There are a number of ready-to-go themes available but custom options are also welcomed. And taking it a step further, they are great for THE occasion. They make a memorable, affordable, (and being airplants) durable option for wedding and party favors.

Airplant party and wedding favors by Robin Charlotte

wedding favors by Robin Charlotte

Airplant and Shell Plant

Airplant and shell wall art

See the whole collection from Robin Charlotte here. And check her out on Facebook to see her spectacular ads.

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