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Aromaflage natural insect repellant and perfume - Original scent Summers in Vermont are beautiful. We wait patiently for the ice and snow to recede and then, yes! Summer, in all its glory. What we fail to remember, is that as soon as the temperatures rise and the ground warms… mosquitos. I have woods in my backyard and a slow trickling stream so it is mosquito heaven. If I want to do anything outside in the evening, gardening, entertaining, or even walking the dogs I have to wear bug spray. And I hate it. The intense chemicals, the sticky feel, having to shower immediately when I come inside for fear of touching anything in the house. Then I saw this.

Aromaflage is a fine fragrance that also repels insects. A healthy alternative to chemical bug sprays it is free of DEET, chemicals, and parabens. Originating from the Southeast Asian jungle, Aromaflage’s original scent (pictured above) combines notes of citrus fruit, warm cedarwood, silken vanilla, and nourishing Vitamin E. It is a sweet and happy scent, which reminded me a bit of a creamsicle. This is not the normal type of scent that I go for, but you know what? I really like it, and on my dog walk in the woods yesterday, there were mosquitos all around but they would not land on me. Sold.

If sweet is not your thing, Aromaflage also has a “Wild” fragrance (pictured below) which combines notes of spicy cardamom, warm cedarwood, and snappy spruce. This scent is more me, though honestly I would wear either. Thank you Aromaflage, summer is saved!

Aromaflage natural insect repellant and perfume - Wild scent

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