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my story


Hello, I’m Joanna Revers and FINDING SHIBUSA is my blog where I spend my time seeking an uncultivated beauty and naturalness in life, style, and design. I live in Burlington, Vermont with my boyfriend and two dogs, Adelaide and Jessie.

Shibusa is an ideal of beauty, a refinement of taste and style. It can refer to anything… design, fashion, food, material, and craftsmanship. It is with this in mind that I created this blog in 2010, to foster my own passion for simply great design and to offer inspiration to you, by finding things which are being precisely what they are meant to be. Perhaps in the process I will be too.

By day I am the Director of Visual Design and Digital Marketing for ANICHINI, a leader in luxury artisanal home furnishings and textiles. Anichini finds textiles and furnishings that are made with exquisite craftsmanship from around the world, honoring and celebrating traditions that are soon to be lost arts. Prior to this I was the Director of Visuals and Merchandising for six years,  coordinating the visual merchandising and buying for retail stores and showrooms.

I have worked as an stylist and visual merchandising consultant for boutiques and luxury resorts. I worked at a marketing and branding firm,  Select Design, with clients such as Moët-Hennessy, Burton Snowboards, Sephora, and Sirius XM.

Prior to these I collaborated on the creative vision and design for Foxtail, a sophisticated home furnishings and garden brand renowned for its design philosophy, visual presentations, and inspired product mix. The brand was formed around an appreciation for the natural world, and catered to a lifestyle in which plants and the garden, quality products, and beautiful craftsmanship play an integral role. I managed the visual merchandising and buying and headed the floral design, with clients such as Simon Pearce and Twin Farms.

Whatever the medium, whether in my career or my personal pursuits, I am inspired by creativity and innovation. I strive to offer new ways of seeing. I have many interests which inform my sense. Namely fashion and food. I cook and bake avidly and am currently striving for the perfect sourdough boule. I have a deep appreciation for the natural world. I have worked at nurseries and garden stores such as Smith and Hawken, in garden design, on a specialty cut flower farm, and have grown orchids avidly. I am also a painter. I am inspired by color, texture, and form.


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