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elementary – pickled wood

A pickled wood/whitewashed wood interior.

A pickled wood/whitewashed wood bathroom.

A pickled wood/whitewashed wood floor.

A pickled wood/whitewashed wood bathroom.

A pickled wood/whitewashed wood floor.

A pickled wood/whitewashed wood porch.

A friend of mine came to me recently asking for advice on what to do with the staircase and banister in her new home. They are a medium-colored knotty pine and are a focal point in the living room and entry. The problem, she feels, is that, for one, it is a lot of wood, and two, it looks dated, not fitting in with her sleeker, more modern style. Instead of flat-out painting it I suggested pickling or whitewashing the wood.

Pickled wood can be a great compromise. It has the bright, clean appeal of near white yet retains the texture and grain of wood, resulting in hues closer to the light grays and neutrals of stone. The key to its feel is in the application. A light, even hand will give a modern, Scandinavian look, while a heavier, rougher hand will give a more rustic, vintage look. I love the light that it brings to a space while also adding warmth and dimension.

Here’s a great tutorial on how to whitewash from Maison de Pax. The added benefits to pickling/whitewashing are that it is not a very difficult or expensive process and it is easy to cover if it isn’t what you had hoped. Let’s see if she tries it!

Images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.




black and white chevron

Image #1 courtesy of French American Wallpaper.
Image #2 courtesy of Happy Mundane.
Image #3 courtesy of apartment therapy.
Image #4 courtesy of 6th Street Design School.
Image #5 courtesy of Pinterest.
Image #6 courtesy of Haute Look.
Image #7 courtesy of Design Sponge.
Image #8 courtesy of Pinterest.




lacquer walls

I love the striking effect of lacquered walls. Not only does it deepen and intensify the color of the wall, but adds light and luminescence. Definitely a statement.

Images 1, 2, & 3 courtesy of Elle Decor.
Image 4 & 8 courtesy of Sketch 42.
Image 5 & 6 courtesy of EFDesigns.
Image 7 courtesy of Odie et Amo.




plywood interiors

I love the deconstructed, or better yet, under construction look that the raw plywood lends to these spaces.With such an interesting grain, and a warm, light hue plywood is an interesting, modern, and cost-effective alternative to more traditional finished woods.
Image #1 courtesy of poppytalk.
Image #2 & #6 courtesy of Sunset.
Image #3 courtesy of papernstitch.
Image #4 courtesy of pinterest.
Image #5 courtesy of ffffound.
Image #7 courtesy of The Marion House Book.
Image #8 courtesy of Sarah.Wandering.
Image #9 courtesy of monopolist.
Image #10 courtesy of solovely decoration.



a clean slate

With the spirit of the New Year in mind I am looking at the element of slate in design as a nod to the clean one with which I am starting this year. I love the raw, rustic, serene feeling which it lends to a room. It is elemental, earthy, and dark – but not cold – the blackish gray is warm and grounding. I love how it is used in these spaces.

Image 1 & 3 courtesy of Living etc.
Image 2 & 8 courtesy of Marie-Claire Maison.
Image 4 courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
Image 5 courtesy of Design Hole Online.
Image 6 courtesy of Willow Decor.
Image 7 courtesy of Yolksy.
Image 9 courtesy of Coco Cozy.




white and wood

Images courtesy of marie claire maison.

The simple pairing of white and wood creates a sense of natural ease, calming and clean. It lends itself to a number of different styles, modern, rustic, traditional, eclectic.

Images from the design blog Otis & Frank.
Image courtesy of Country Living.
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