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fabulous fauteuils – the brommö chaise

The Brommö Chaise by Ikea

I loved this chair the moment I saw it. When I saw the price tag I really loved it. Normally it’s quite the opposite. The Brommö chaise from Ikea is stylish, functional, AND affordable. So affordable. The sleek and modern design lends itself to any space, inside or out, and because it’s foldable and portable you can easily use it for both. A perfect accent chair for in and out.




fabulous fauteuils – the scrolled rattan chair

the scrolled rattan chair from anthropology

A modern take on a bohemian standard – the scrolled rattan chair masterfully mixes the two in a sleek seat of white and wood.

Coming soon to anthropologie.




fabulous fauteuils – the sculpted metal + leather bowl chair

The Sculpted Metal + Leather Bowl Chair

I admit, it has been a while since my last post. My vacation to St. John ended just as Vermont decided it was finally time to end winter for real and allow planting without fear of frost. Coming fresh from the tropics there was no way I wasn’t going to try and emulate them here. I’m even trying cactus in my hanging baskets… but that’s for a different post. I apologize for the momentary pause, sometimes you just need to gather yourself and get some perspective.

So I’ve been wondering, what will I write about? What am I inspired by lately?… Well, I know what it is today. This chair.

The Sculpted Metal + Leather Bowl Chair from West Elm.




fabulous fauteuils – the roxy bent plywood rocker

fabulous fauteuils - the roxy bent plywood rocker by onefortythree

Oh, yes. This lovely little rocker by onefortythree is fabulous. Handmade, one at a time, the Roxy Rocker comes in a variety of wood options as well as different seat covers, ranging from leather and tweed to Pendelton wools. Fabulous design, fabulous story.

Image via wit&delight.




fabulous fauteuils – ilse crawford’s artek armchair

fabulous fauteuils - Ilse Crawford's take on the Artek 400 armchair

In 1935 four young idealists formed a furniture company in Finland. They called it Artek, and they sought to create a new kind of environment for everyday life. They believed in a grand synthesis of the arts which should inform all planning and design – from town planning to architecture to product design. As a result their products are designed with a functionality and timeless aesthetic which have stood the test of time. Today Artek is renowned as being one of the most innovative contributors to modern design.

A few years ago, in celebration of their 75th anniversary, Artek launched a Dress the Chair! campaign. The company asked a selection of designers to render classic Artek pieces in their vision. It was for this that UK designer Ilse Crawford created her reindeer version of the Artek 400 Armchair. It is fabulous!

Image courtesy of Remodelista.




fabulous fauteuils – the thomas kay camp stool

fabulous fauteuils - the pendelton thomas camp stool

The perfect companion for the wanderlust. The Thomas Kay Camp Stool from Pendelton is part of the exclusive new collection which was created to celebrate Pendelton’s pioneering founder and their heritage of weaving in America since 1863. With its leather carrying strap and heavy navajo wool jacquard it is the ideal addition to the campfire, the car, or even at home when you have a few extra guests. If the wool isn’t your thing and you want a less expensive option, Wood & Faulk, the company which makes these for Pendelton has an English bridal leather version which is equally awesome.





fabulous fauteuils – via martin margiela

Fabulous Fauteuils at the Hotel La Maison designed by Martin Margiela.

A pair of fabulous fauteuils in Hotel La Maison in Paris, redesigned by Belgian fashion-turned-interior designer Martin Margiela.

Image via viacomit.

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