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getting fresh – garden room

I love this outdoor studio space which is quite literally both garden and room at once. Blending with its surroundings and increasing the green space, it is the perfect private garden retreat, quilted in a cocoon of ivy and greenery. It reminds me of one of my favorite urban gardens, located in one of my shelves of magazines… I’ll do my best to find it for you!




getting fresh – saipua



If you know me, you know that I love flowers. You may not realize how much, I am a bit coy about it, but let’s just say that it’s a lot. And, I’m sorry to admit, I do discriminate. That’s not to say that I can’t get down with the daisy but… I sure do swoon for sweet peas, garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, anemones, hellebores, fritillaria, hyacinths, lilac, mimosa, orchids, and jasmine… to name a few.
It’s not often that I am absolutely blown away by the flowers and arrangements that I see, but that’s exactly what happened when I stumbled onto Saipua, a soap and flower shop in Brooklyn, New York. Flipping fabulous.
The flowers, the combinations, the textures, the sophisticated and astute use of color… not to mentionĀ  the photography and the styling… are exquisite and executed perfectly.


I can’t even say what my favorite would be. For these and a whole lot more check them out online at Saipua. Or, if you’re in the neighborhood pop in at 147 Van Dyke Street, Brooklyn, NY (Red Hook). Saipua made me think yes.
All images are courtesy of Saipua.



getting fresh – air plants


Air plants truly are a miraculous and mysterious group of plants. Intriguing to look at, their architectural and slightly eerie forms add a touch of green that is reminiscent of the sea and its creatures. Air plants, or Tillandsia, got their name because they don’t require soil to grow. Instead, in nature, they live on other things – plants, rocks, and trees – for their support, and they gather their nutrients and water from the air. Spanish moss, which hangs from the trees in the southeastern United States is a member of this group.
Their habits not only make them unusual and interesting, but make them extremely easy to care for. As they do not need to be planted, they can live on or in virtually anything and need only moderate light and a soak in water once a week.


If you want to create your own terrarium or interior scape you can order air plants, such as the above varieties, from the Air Plant Supply Co. So easy to care for, they are essentially foolproof, and as they are also so inexpensive, they are well worth a try. Terrain has some really great options for containers, shown below, both hanging or for a table. But one of the best things about air plants is that they don’t need a container at all! Put them on a piece of slate on your shelf or windowsill, or put some twigs in a vase and hang the air plants on the branches.



If you’d rather have something a little more ready made check out the great creations below from Tortoise Loves Donkey. Delivered right to your door, they make easy easier.
Images 1 & 2 courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
Image 3 courtesy of Curbly.
Image 4 courtesy of Cubeme.
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