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looker – unabashedly gold

Gold modern interior designIt may be of no surprise that I love gold, though I am not sure that I have flexed my goldfinger accordingly thus far. Well I do, and when I saw this staircase which descends into a mod gold wonderland of a room I knew I had to share it, and share how to get the look. If you are going to go unabashedly gold there are a few pointers which you can take from this room. First, pick one or two key design features and make your statement with those. Here the spectacular staircase and the shiny mod chair take the forefront and shine, literally. Don’t overwhelm the room with too many design features – too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Second, as you would play with different tones of a hue, with gold, play with different textures to make the most of it. The bold shine of the chair is offset by the richer textured and gold leafed ceiling and walls. This depth balances the shine so that the gold doesn’t overwhelm. Lastly, stick with clean lines. With the intensity and shine of gold, your eye will move around the room. Help direct the attention by using focused, clean features. An all-gold color palette is a bold move, make the most of it by making bold choices. Pick a few great things and stick to those, don’t muddy the look with too much. This is one of the most important pointers for¬†any design project. So if you are going to go for it, here are a few pieces that will help you get the look:

Gold and Brass Furniture and Design Elements | FINDING SHIBUSA

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neon yellow + neutral

Sculpture by Debra Baxter in Celestite, Glass, and Quartz Crystal

Neon yellow necklace

Handwoven necklace by Saloukee on Bottica

Dress by Christopher Kane

Baja Sandals by Rebecca Minkoff

Neon Yellow and Natural Slingshot by Wooden Slingshot

Neon and Glitter dipped Paper Tassels by Everly Lane Design

Neon yellow dipped table, seen on Dot Dot Dash


Neon Stripe Flat Clutch by Clare Vivier

Neon Duck Bag by Baggu on Dottie Clover

Inge Ankle Wrap Clog by Loeffler Randall





nautical style

Nautical Style - The Kennedy's

The feeling of the wind across the bow, the fine spray that falls across your face, and the taste of salt on your lips. This sense of freedom, this thrill and adventure draw us to the nautical life and hold us fast. Always a sailor at heart. And in much the same way, nautical style never goes out of style. Here are some ways to bring it home.

Nautical Style in Interior Design - How to Get the Look

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¬†Image of The Kennedy’s via.

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