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Favorite Fall Wreaths - Fresh Maple Leaf Wreath

Fresh Maple Leaf Wreath

It’s funny how as soon as the nights cool and crisp, the wild asters start to ramble, and those first few colored leaves drop we start to think of wreaths. It makes sense I suppose as the garden and green will inevitably begin to fade and we will move more and more indoors. So we look to adorn that door, add a little color and light, and give a nod to the season.

For many years I worked as a floral designer and loved making fresh and dried wreaths. Now I do it mostly for myself, but I love it nonetheless. I love how it is a microcosm of the world around. I can be seen most of the year going on long walks with my rescue puppy Adelaide and cutting, digging, bagging, and dragging back home the best the season has to offer. I’m pretty sure the neighbors, and my boyfriend, think I am crazy, often exiting the woods with giant rolls of vines, tree stumps, roots, fresh moss, giant driftwood, and bark. What can I say, I’m addicted to nature.

Here are some of my favorites for the season, some for inspiration if you want to design your own, and then the best that I found that you can buy. I started with the inspiration shots and included underneath each a description of what is in the wreath. (Let me know if you want more help on how to make each.)

Gilded Leaf and Wheat Wreath - Favorite Fall Wreaths

Gilded Leaf and Wheat Wreath

A simple twig and pinecone wreath and a dark, rough, and natural fall wreath.

Simple Twig and Pinecone Wreath | Wild and Wispy Olive, Berry, and Integrifolia Wreath

Chinese Lantern and Bittersweet Fresh Fall Wreath

Fresh Chinese Lantern and Bittersweet Wreath

Magnolia and Feather Fall Wreath and a Mossy Twig Wreath

Magnolia, Millet, Protea, and Pheasant Feather Wreath | Twig, Lichen, and Moss Wreath

Rolled Grapevine Wreath and a Fresh Oak Leaf Fall Wreath

Rolled Grapevine Wreath | Fresh Oak and Rosehip Wreath

And here are the best fall wreaths that I have found from around the web that are available ready to go. So instead of picking, gathering, glueing, and wiring you can spend your time doing the fall things like apple picking, baking, drinking mulled cider, sitting by a fire with a good book…

The Best Fall Wreaths to Buy for 2013

( 1. Sunset Quince Wreath , 2. Quince and Cinnamon Stick Wreath , 3. Preserved Oak Leaf Wreath , 4. Grains Wheel Wreath , 5. Fresh Hops Wreath , 6. Sun Bleached Cardoon Wreath , 7. Fall Leaf Wreath8. Rosehip Wreath )

Inspiration images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

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