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yes please – a quiet celebration by morie nishimura

A Quiet Celebration, brass mirror by Morie Nishimura

More than just a mirror, Morie Nishimura‘s A Quiet Celebration, is a celebration of craft, a reflection of both past and present. Constructed of mirrored brass hinged circles, the mirror opens and closes like a butterfly. The sleek gold face is juxtaposed against the back side which has a rough brass finish, which adds to the dimension and interest. At face value, it is a beautiful and unusual piece of functional art.

But Nishimura seeks more than this end with his pieces. He hopes to “revive the idea of having respect for these simple objects and to rebuild the relationship between our society and the tools we have come to take for granted. Through their use, these objects inspire a quiet appreciation of the place that tools, both simple and complex, occupy in the structure of human civilization.” He hopes “to reconnect humans and their artifacts in quiet celebration of form, function, and craft.”

Mirrors were not always made of glass and silver nitrate. As far back as 3000 BC our ancestors were using polished brass to see themselves. A Quiet Celebration pays tribute to this fact, connecting us to our past and the evolution of mirror throughout time. And it does so beautifully.

A Quiet Celebration, brass mirror by Morie Nishimura

Available for purchase at Merchant no. 4.




yes please – found my animal

Found My Animal dog collars, leashes, and accoutrements
About a year and a half ago, I got my first puppy. Adelaide. She is a rescue dog – a border collie, black lab mix. It took a long time for me to feel that I was ready to have a dog, after years of traveling for work and living in small apartments. I finally decided that it was time to stop waiting for the perfect time because I could be waiting forever. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I spent a while looking for the right puppy. I wanted a smart, athletic dog who could be by my side all the time. Nothing could have prepared me for this little 10 week old border collie, lab mix. I guess when I finally jump, I  jump right into the deep end. But we got through that, and I can’t imagine my life without her.

So when it came to finding her a new collar recently, you can imagine that, yes, I spent a while looking for the right one. I wanted something that was stylish (obviously), durable (because we are always muddy or swimming or knee deep in snow, depending on the season), and something which spoke to Addy’s singularity. And finally I found it.


Found My Animal waxed canvas and canvas collars


Found My Animal is a Brooklyn-based company which makes accessories for adopted animals and their people. The founder, inspired by a family member who was working as a fisherman, made her rescue pup a 3-strand, hand-spliced and whipped nautical rope leash. Nothing like it existed in the market, and after many requests for duplicates, she found her calling and launched Found My Animal.

It began with a nautical-grade rope leash, but has gone on to include so much more… waxed canvas collars and dog coats, rope collars and matching bracelets for owners, best friend charms and compasses, waxed canvas collapsible bowls and bags, ombre dyed leashes and collars, and new favorite, the new girl scout green canvas collar. All are made with rugged, all-weather materials and can be hand or machine washed.


Found My Animal Collars, Bowl, Leashes, and Bags



And in addition to making the best pet accessories that I have seen, Found My Animal’s goal is to help raise public awareness of the urgent need for animal adoption. To learn more about how to support them and to read some really inspiring and touching stories visit them here. Now not only have I found my animal, but I have found a company which shares my love of great design, quality materials, and rescue puppies.

Found My Animal Collars, Bracelets, and Charms






yes please – the wood castings of hilla shamia

The wood casting series by Isreali artist Hilla Shamia, furniture made of wood cast with aluminum.

The wood casting series by Isreali artist Hilla Shamia, furniture made of wood cast with aluminum.


I find myself completely enamored with the wood casting series by Isreali designer Hilla Shamia. Shamia begins with a whole tree trunk and pours molten aluminum directly onto the wood, burning the surface and darkening the wood. The trunk is then split lengthwise and put into a mold, where the legs are cast, creating benches, tables, and stools. Each piece is one of a kind – the grain of the wood, the pattern of burn, and the way in which the aluminum infiltrates the trunk.


The wood casting series by Isreali artist Hilla Shamia, furniture made of wood cast with aluminum.


The wood casting series by Isreali artist Hilla Shamia, furniture made of wood cast with aluminum.


The wood casting series by Isreali artist Hilla Shamia, furniture made of wood cast with aluminum.

Spectacular! For more information, visit her website. Her pieces are available via Entratalibera in Italy and Asufa Design in Isreal.





yes please – traditions in textiles

Navajo-Inspired Towels by Pendelton - Chief Joseph, Jerome

Navajo-Inspired Towels by Pendelton - Big Thunder, Canyonlands

Navajo-Inspired Towels by Pendelton - Chief Joseph, Arrowhead

Navajo-Inspired Towels by Pendelton - Diamond Desert, Suwanee Stripe


My world revolves around textiles. I have such a passion for the color, the patterns, the textures, the hand. And it’s only recently that I put two and two together and realized that it’s not my fault, really. It was born into me.

I grew up in the world of Laura Ashley. In the early days, when the company consisted of just a handful of people, my mom used to work with Laura on fabric designs and patterns. Shortly after I was born, my dad, with my mom and I in tow, opened the first Laura Ashley store in San Francisco – which is how we ended up moving from the mountains of Wales to America. He then went on to open the next two hundred during my formative years – and so fabrics and fashion shows, and yes, florals flowed. And interestingly, I now work for Anichini, which has the most extraordinary collection of artisanal textiles – the handloomed silks and cashmeres, the linens, the brocades and jacquards… see I just can’t help myself when it comes to textiles.

So what really made this innate passion in my blood stir were these fabulous towels from Pendleton, a company with its own rich history in textiles. They have taken their Native American inspired blanket patterns and recreated them in terry for the bath, spa, or beach. And they are amazing – the patterns and the colors, seriously how do you choose? Adding even greater difficulty to the decision making is that the reverse of each is equally intriguing and transforms each design into a totally different look. I love them. They are definitely going to give my beach towel a run for its money.

1. Jerome in maroon (reverse), 2. Chief Joseph in khaki, 3. Big Thunder in storm (reverse), 4. Canyonlands in desert sky, 5. Chief Joseph in cherry, 6. Arrowhead in grey heather, 7. Diamond Desert in sandstone, 8. Turquoise Trail in agave.




yes please – brand new

Introducing West Elm Market

The past few years has seen a flurry of brand offshoots moving into the natural and garden markets: Anthropologie’s TerrainWilliam-Sonoma’s Agrarian – speaking to our growing desire to get back to the basics, to get our hands dirty, and to grow and make our own… in style.

The latest is West Elm’s newly launched Market. And a welcome addition it is. Speaking to the home and garden, Market offers “solutions for everyday living” with a beautifully curated collection for kitchen, laundry, garden, workshop, and body. Here are some of my favorites:


Italla Stock Pot  |   Raw Wood Boards  |  Damascus Steel Knife Collection


Heirloom Scissors  |  Heritage Leather Reinforced Mason Bag  |  Slack Dust Mop Co. Hand Duster


Patterned Garden Tool Set  |  Iris Speckled Planters  |  Hanging Bag Planter


Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap  |  Canvas Dopp Kit  |  Sam’s Natural Hand + Repair Lotion




yes please – shelter co.

One of the coolest things to come from California recently is Shelter Co.

Born out of a love for California’s diverse landscape combined with nostalgia for the days of summer camp, Shelter Co. is a pop-up lodging service – providing fully furnished European style canvas tents and all necessary amenities for group camping trips, weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats, and music festivals. Pick your destination and they orchestrate the rest.

Each European style tent is outfitted with a queen size wood frame bed with a real mattress, 400 thread count bedding, a down duvet and pillows, a wool Pendelton blanket, fully carpeted floor, area rugs, bedside tables, and leather butterfly chairs.

From there your experience is completely customizable – from a simple getaway to a grand fête. Add on fire pits, showers, outdoor movie theaters, dog tents, wine tastings, yoga retreats, board games, catering, hospitality tents, music and entertainment, and customizable camping boxes with things like s’mores kits…

Fabulous. Shelter Co. creates experiences which are beautifully curated, seamlessly orchestrated, and inspired by the wild and free. I hope you get to go.




yes please – sud de sur

Sud de Sur Madera Mini Bag in Cognac

One of my favorite new accessories companies is Sud De Sur. Inspired by a road trip to Big Sur, Los Angeles based couple, Barrett Prendergast and André Vippolis, combined their diverse backgrounds in fashion and photography to create a brand aesthetic reflective of their taste, travels, and sensibility. The manifestation of this is Sud De Sur. And it is perfect.

The modern yet timeless designs, the astutely conjured color palette, and the impeccable construction speak to the couples’ innate design sense and their easygoing, worldly style.

Sud de Sur Topanga Clutch pink

Sud de Sur Madera Mini Bag California Clutch

Sud De Sur Topanga Clutch Orange

A luxury accessories company informed by nature, the elements, and the rich California landscape, Sud de Sur is evocative of the modern bohemian lifestyle. With uncompromised attention to quality of construction and detail, Sud de Sur is dedicated to creating timeless pieces that are dynamic, playful, and sophisticated. The collection includes the Madera Mini, the California Clutch, and the Topanga Clutch which have all quickly become favorites amongst the stylish and in-the-know.

Sud de Sur's California Clutch in Orange and Topanga Clutch in Coral

And now you know, too… and you should also know that they’re made in LA! Love it so.

Sud De Sur Topanga Clutch in Desert

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