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defining shibusa

Shibusa can be described as an openness to nature, an asymmetry of forms, a roughness of textures, and naturalness in everyday life.

I first came upon the concept of shibusa when reading a book on moss gardening a number of years ago. The book described the concept, which is unable to be translated into English, as the serene feeling that is experienced when in an old garden in which the moss has, over time, crept, unrestrained, into all the spaces in between. The garden is pervaded by a natural beauty, not cultivated, it is the beauty of the element itself, being what it is, being as it should. Beneath the surface there is more than meets the eye, an intrinsic meaningfulness or depth.

This idea struck me and has stayed with me over the years. I understood this idea of beauty. It is.

It is elusive and seemingly contradictory, roughness and refinement at once. An appreciation of form and material. A celebration of naturalness and irregularity.

Shibusa is a refinement of taste and style. It can refer to anything… design, fashion, food, material, and craftsmanship. It is with this in mind that I created this blog, to foster my own passion for simply great design and to offer inspiration to you… by showing things which are being precisely what they are meant to be. And perhaps in the process I will be too.

I do not claim to be an expert on the concept of shibusa, this is more of a process, the finding… nor do I claim that all things on here will strictly adhere to this, but they will all have elements of great style (to me), the kind you just know when you see, that you look at and think, yes, please. I hope that you do too.                 


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