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Burgon and Ball Perfectly Pickled Jar

If you’re anything like me, then you love a good project… and anything to do with organizing, especially in a visually appealing way that probably involves buying something. That is why I love these jars from Burgon and Ball, available in the U.S. here. For starters, they just look amazing. No more sticky labels with messy handwriting – just smooth glass and a fabulous font.

Not only do they look great, but the jar’s very nature begs for a project. As does the fact that we have now moved into the dwindling days of summer – okay I give in, the early days of fall. So it’s the perfect time to come up with things to do inside, that are warm, like canning. You may still have a lot of tomatoes left on the vine – make tomato jam. Or maybe you have, unlike me, already embraced fall and gone apple picking – make apple chutney. Cleaning up the garden? Homegrown herbs.

Burgon and Ball Delicious Jam Jar
Burgon and Ball Homegrown Herb Jar

Not sure how to fill your jars? Try this amazing cookbook. “Make your own bacon, cheese, and marshmallows” – um, awesome! (Stay tuned for my two new favorite cookbooks!)

Jam it - Pickle it - Cure it - A cookbook on preserving food.
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