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yes please – shibori wallpaper

Shibori Wallpaper - Aleutian Stripe

A design trend that I can’t get enough of, Shibori continues to please, and for good reason. The deep, saturated, evocative patterns and hues draw you in, melding modern, geometric, and abstract with a global, painterly feel. Shibori is a form of Japanese tie dying in which there are an infinite number of ways to twist, bind, and tie the fabric to achieve patterns. What is interesting about Shibori, is that it is not only the desired pattern that dictates the technique used, but the type of fabric. The Shibori techniques work in harmony with the characteristics of the cloth used. I appreciate that.

Shibori Wallpaper - Aleutian Star

Pepa Martin and Karen Davis are the Australian design duo behind Shibori, a boutique textile agency which has pushed the boundaries of this ancient Japanese craft, modernizing the shibori techniques on new materials. Shibori Wallpaper is an example. So striking, I love them all. The wallcoverings are available both at retail and to-the-trade. In the U.S. they are available at Studio Four NYC. See all the colors and patterns here.

Shibori Wallpaper - Angel

All images of Shibori via Design Sponge.




wooden textiles

When I first saw Elisa Strozyk’s wooden textiles I was blown away. They are stunning. And while they are a pleasurable wonder to behold, they are also conceptually, so intriguing. Elisa’s creations are elemental shapeshifters – they play with the boundaries and limitations of what we understand a material to be. Wood, so solid and firm, is pieced in myriad patterns and attached to textiles, allowing the final creation movement, fluidity, and shifting form. She uses this technique to transform textiles, furniture, and traditional design elements into beautiful and intelligent works of art, enabled with a life of their own.

To see more of her collection (not to be missed are the paper weaves) visit her here.





the covers of coralie bickford-smith





So we all grew up being told that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. In the case of this gorgeous new series, Great Food, from Penguin books, due out next month, there are two things… First, based on how exceptional the cover looks, I don’t care what’s inside. Yes, I said it. Second, all you have to do is look at the titles and the authors and you can see how intriguing the insides are. If you have a penchant for anything remotely gustatory, then you want these.

This series is the latest from the extremely talented Coralie Bickford-Smith. A senior cover designer at Penguin Books in London, Coralie has created several series’ designs. Most extraordinary, and, it should be noted, I want every single one, are the Clothbound Series’ 1 and 2, making the classics even more collectible.


For more information on Coralie Bickford-Smith and to see more of her collections look here. {Check out the Gothic Horror series} And for a really interesting look at the Clothbound Series’ and Coralie’s process and intuitive and scholarly take on literature and design read this great interview with her on Design*Sponge.
As soon as Great Food becomes available I will let you know.
All images courtesy of CB-Smith.com.


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