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wooden textiles

When I first saw Elisa Strozyk’s wooden textiles I was blown away. They are stunning. And while they are a pleasurable wonder to behold, they are also conceptually, so intriguing. Elisa’s creations are elemental shapeshifters – they play with the boundaries and limitations of what we understand a material to be. Wood, so solid and firm, is pieced in myriad patterns and attached to textiles, allowing the final creation movement, fluidity, and shifting form. She uses this technique to transform textiles, furniture, and traditional design elements into beautiful and intelligent works of art, enabled with a life of their own.

To see more of her collection (not to be missed are the paper weaves) visit her here.





fabulous fauteuils – the axel three-seater

Yeah that’s right, this chair is amazing… Covered in recycled jute sacks brought back from Europe and finished with a “passiflora” welting, this chair(s) stopped me in my tracks. It is at once, totally over the top and totally understated. It is said to provide “the togetherness of a sofa and the solitude of a chair,” it is and isn’t all at the same time …well done Anthropologie.




yes please – knitting for sitting


I love these sculpted knit stools from Claire-Anne O’Brien, an Irish textile designer who specializes in knitting. Her work plays with technique and scale, approaching textiles sculpturally, exploring the three dimensional form of the knitted stitch. She plays with the stitch in exaggerated scale creating bold and textured forms.


Knit from lambswool and sheep’s wool, the stools are beautiful and intriguing statement pieces, so interesting in concept and form. She now works from her studio in East London. To see more of her work visit her website and to see some of her inspiration have a look at her blog, grabyourgoggles.
All images courtesy of Claire-Anne O’Brien.





yes please – loving the livingstones

These felted wool pillows and poufs from French designer St├ęphanie Marin of Smarin Design are so simple and sculptural… the shapes so soothing and pleasing, I love them. Just like their natural muse, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can mix and match to suit your environment and your whim. How can you not want them? …but then again I have these all over my house.

Available for purchase in the U.S. at Mixture and LOLA Home.

Image courtesy of Yatzer.





fabulous fauteuils – rockin’ the bokja


I love the creative and colorful mix-and-match of the Bokja designs. Established in 2000, by Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri, Bokja grew from the pair’s common love for antiques and vintage furniture, as well as a passion for ancient textiles and tapestries from Levant and countries along the silk road. Bokja stands for a poetic use of color, an emphasis on craftsmanship, and the sustainable use of available materials to express an artistic idea with an ever-present spiritual content.
Each piece represents a collage of different time periods and lands and moments of people’s lives… each piece stands for the complexity of humanity. Couple that with the fact that the company strives to work with local artisans using ancient techniques, creates jobs for underprivileged women, and supports sustainability and I have to say… rock on bokja.
All image courtesy of Bokja.



yes please – lager-colored leather

Don’t know what more I can say besides, um, love. Anthropologie you continue to please. And by please I mean blow me away with your amazing finds. This leather is delicious, and the designs are exquisite. So yes, pretty pretty please.





fabulous fauteuils – wood + wool

From Silvera
Designed by Patricia Urquiola, from Artelano


Designed by Renaud Bonzon for Objekto



Designed by Antonio Cittero for B&B Italia
I started this post because I had seen a few chairs around which had caught my attention and I wanted to share them. But as I started looking for others to add I was blown away by how many amazing designs are out there! So this will have to serve as the first installment as I seek and find fabulous fauteuils (armchairs in french.) I was particularly inspired by the combination of the wood elements with ivory and wool and the mix of ethnic and modern, raw and refined – thus they were first.
If you have any suggestions I’d love to see them! Send them to me here.
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