a tale of father and daughter

Herriott Grace

I bring you a great tale of father and daughter, craftsmanship and creativity, food and fulfillment. It’s the tale of Herriott Grace.

For me it started with the food. When I first saw these images of rhubarb, beautifully styled and shot, I had to see more – being in a strawberry-rhubarb state of mind at the moment. These led me to the blog at Herriott Grace, Forty-Sixth at Grace. Once there I thought I was in heaven, discovering that the images that I had found were actually the adolescent stages of a Panna Cotta and Rhubarb Tart. I’m happy to say, it gets better and more beautiful and more delicious the more you look around…


Herriott Grace Panna Cotta Rhubarb Tart

Panna Cotta and Rhubarb Tart


Herriott Grace Honeycomb

Herriott Grace Honeycomb Semifreddo

Honeycomb Semifreddo


Herriot Grace Spring Broth

Herriott Grace Spring Broth Ingredients

Spring Broth

But what I came to discover was even more extraordinary. This was not just a food blog, though one hell of a food blog. To use their words, Herriott Grace is a venture of father and daughter. It began when Nikole Herriott first moved away from her home in Victoria, British Columbia, to Toronto, Ontario. To bridge the distance, she and her father would send packages back and forth. He began to include some of his own hand carved spoons in them. He had been collecting wood since the early seventies and used his best pieces for these gifts. Nikole loved them, for their balance and shape, and because they were made with unmistakeable care.

She realized one day, that other people might enjoy his work. She asked him if he would be willing to share it. After some time thinking, he said yes, but only with people who would understand and appreciate the care and effort spent on each piece. And here we are.

Herriott Grace handmade wooden spoons

Herriott Grace handmade wooden bowls

His pieces are beautiful, interesting, one of a kind –¬†testaments to the craft of the hand that revealed them.¬†The grain, the knots, the irregularities, are what makes them, for they tell the tale from whence they came. Herriott Grace is a venture of father and daughter. It is a shop which sells these one of a kind creations and sundry items for the kitchen and table, all created with the same ¬†appreciation of form and material, quality and detail. The blog is as much a thing of beauty as the pieces themselves, for it is perfectly curated, beautifully styled and shot, and written with such an honesty that you will want to know more. This is a tale of father and daughter, meet them here:

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