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plywood interiors

I love the deconstructed, or better yet, under construction look that the raw plywood lends to these spaces.With such an interesting grain, and a warm, light hue plywood is an interesting, modern, and cost-effective alternative to more traditional finished woods.
Image #1 courtesy of poppytalk.
Image #2 & #6 courtesy of Sunset.
Image #3 courtesy of papernstitch.
Image #4 courtesy of pinterest.
Image #5 courtesy of ffffound.
Image #7 courtesy of The Marion House Book.
Image #8 courtesy of Sarah.Wandering.
Image #9 courtesy of monopolist.
Image #10 courtesy of solovely decoration.



chalkboard globe

Not only do I have a thing for slate, and thus chalkboards, but I have a thing for globes too. If you have one that is a little less than lovely, or if you simply want to create your own objêt d’art , just paint it with chalkboard paint and voilà – the world is yours to make of as you will. If you don’t want to have to DIY, they are available from time to time at Bluebell Vintage.

Originally found via Design*Sponge.




sort of coal – sort of awesome

White Charcoal is the highest grade of charcoal. It has an extremely high carbon content and has long been revered in Japanese tradition for it’s purifying, cleansing, and restorative benefits. Sort of Coal is a Danish company which was founded with the hope of bringing the power and beauty of these traditions to the Western world, introducing a sense of purity which does not attack the senses with scents and chemicals, but rather awakens them naturally. Their mission is to only introduce products which have this truth and purpose… and I am amazed at how much purpose White Charcoal has…
Kishu Binchotan, pictured in the two images above, are sticks of White Charcoal which are made from a very hard Japanese oak named the Holm oak which grows in the mountain forests of the Kishu region in Japan. Kishu Binchotan is an amazing purifier, it absorbs chlorine from tap water by up to 75%, softening it and improving it’s taste while also adding much-needed minerals such as potassium and magnesium. By placing a stick of Kishu Binchotan into a bottle of tap water, you can create your very own pure, mineral water… and do so in a really elegant, interesting, and visually appealing way. Each stick lasts for about a month of daily use, at which point it can be crushed and added to the soil to improve the nutrient content and aeration.
The purifying sticks are available in a number of different shapes and sizes, depending on the containers that you want to use. One of my favorites is the Chikutan Sticks, above, made from Chikutan bamboo, for stirring your tea or cocktails. How cool is that?
Not only to purify water, but also the air – the Hakutan, above, made from Korean oak, regulates humidity and absorbs odors… and again, looks simply amazing. Place it in your home to cleanse, detoxify, and beautify your environment The Kuro Cube, below, is made to purify and refresh the fridge, not only does it absorb and reduce odors, but also ethylene gas, keeping your food fresher longer.
White Charcoal also has many benefits for the body topically – it removes impurities and toxins, deep cleans, and stimulates circulation and well-being. Sort of Coal offers a number of different soaps and shampoos, like the Kuro Soap above. You can also add the Kuro Binchotan sticks to a warm bath to detoxify and improve circulation. Kuro Powder can be added to your food and cooking, to optimize the nutritional value and aid the detoxification from the inside out… and lend an awe-inspiring black hue to your food.
What resonates with me about the concept of Shibusa is the appreciation of the beauty of the element itself, being what it is, being as it should. It is an appreciation of form and material. Sort of Coal does just this… and so much more. They offer us the beauty of the element itself, to enjoy in its most basic state, and they do so in a way that connects us to ancient traditions and promotes health and balance in our selves and our environment. Thank you Sort of Coal!
To learn more and see more products from Sort of Coal click here.



inspired palette #4 – turquoises + peacock blue


Palette courtesy of Kuler.
Image #1 courtesy of Marie-Claire Maison.
Image #2 courtesy of Gramercy
Images #3 & 9 courtesy of Living etc.
Image #4 courtesy of Down and Out Chic.
Image #5 courtesy of Tamanna Shaikh via pinterest.
Image #6 courtesy of House of Turquoise, for all things interior and turquoise go here!
Image #7 courtesy of The Guardian, UK.
Image #8 courtesy of Home Design Interiors.
Image #9 courtesy of Rusty Hinges.



inspired palette #2 – fuschia + do you really need anything else?

Image #1 courtesy of Marie-Claire Maison.
Image #2, #5, and #7 courtesy of Elle Decor.
Image #3 courtesy of homedesigninteriors.onsugar.com.
Image #4 courtesy of LiveLikeYou.
Image #6 courtesy of IHaveNet.com.
Palette courtesy of Kuler.



inspired palette #1 – red, black, + white




All images courtesy of Living etc.
Color palette courtesy of Kuler.

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forest fabulous

I saw this home photographed by Spanish photographer Mauricio Fuertes and had to share. Based in Barcelona, he takes exceptional photographs of exceptional interiors. I love the lines and the perspective, the muted stone and washed wood, and the exposed, treehouse-like vibe which makes you feel like you are living right in the middle of the forest.
Check out his work and some of his fabulous locations here.

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