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unhappy hipsters – cause sometimes you just need to have a laugh

With a start, Mort realized he’d been oversold on the merits of living in a controlled palette.

If you are not already familiar with Unhappy Hipsters

Let me rephrase that… if you have not yet had a chance to check out Unhappy Hipsters, it is a spectacular site which merges exquisite pairings of interior design, photography, cynicism, and wit. Photographs from interior design publications (the hipper and designier the better) are submitted with witty and cynical quips about the image. Submissions are welcomed. Reading them is addictive.

The concrete bedroom was a grim, daily reminder of their most intimate failures.


Maybe he’d have more visitors if his kitchen was stocked with more than just shattered dreams.


Camping had seemed authentically on-trend, not even a hint of twee—that is, until his ruggedly obscure retreat went mainstream. And so, a standoff ensued with only one winner to emerge: he who was more over it.


After a moment she realized she was lost, so she sat down to read for a while.


There’s nothing like the comforting sight of one’s own home after a long, difficult day.


It was the architect’s supercilious idea, but the family had agreed: in lieu of a flatscreen, they’d just watch the world go by. In reality, no one sat in the living room anymore.

Go there, and have a laugh.




mirror mirror

I adore the effect of these worn mirrors tiled along the wall, the tinges of the pale aqua edges speaking to the fabulous couch beneath. Lovely.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.




yes please – loving the livingstones

These felted wool pillows and poufs from French designer Stéphanie Marin of Smarin Design are so simple and sculptural… the shapes so soothing and pleasing, I love them. Just like their natural muse, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can mix and match to suit your environment and your whim. How can you not want them? …but then again I have these all over my house.

Available for purchase in the U.S. at Mixture and LOLA Home.

Image courtesy of Yatzer.





inspired palette #4 – turquoises + peacock blue


Palette courtesy of Kuler.
Image #1 courtesy of Marie-Claire Maison.
Image #2 courtesy of Gramercy
Images #3 & 9 courtesy of Living etc.
Image #4 courtesy of Down and Out Chic.
Image #5 courtesy of Tamanna Shaikh via pinterest.
Image #6 courtesy of House of Turquoise, for all things interior and turquoise go here!
Image #7 courtesy of The Guardian, UK.
Image #8 courtesy of Home Design Interiors.
Image #9 courtesy of Rusty Hinges.



kitchen cabana

What drew me first to this space was the amazing wicker chandeliers which descend from the vaulted white ceiling. I love them. All-white from top to bottom, the room has a laid back, breezy style which is filled with equally interesting pieces: the antique birdcages, the ticking stripe slipcovers, the painted armoires… All pair perfectly to create a space which is stylish, fresh, and easy… decidedly home.
Here are some things inspired by this style:
Images courtesy of Living etc.



inspired palette #2 – fuschia + do you really need anything else?

Image #1 courtesy of Marie-Claire Maison.
Image #2, #5, and #7 courtesy of Elle Decor.
Image #3 courtesy of homedesigninteriors.onsugar.com.
Image #4 courtesy of LiveLikeYou.
Image #6 courtesy of IHaveNet.com.
Palette courtesy of Kuler.



… and glass installations

In case you didn’t go poking around yesterday’s post, there’s more. Not only does Caroline Swift make starkly beautiful ceramics, but she has also created these amazing glass installations as an exploration of delicate hand-blown spheres of glass and their sculptural possibilities. The fragile, shiny bulbs are tied crudely with raw, dark wires – again speaking to the contradiction between raw and refined that I love so much. And I love these, whether hung in a group or alone they make such an interesting and appealing statement. So much so that I thought they needed to stand alone in their own post.
All pieces are made exclusively by hand, by Caroline in her studio in Barcelona. To see more or to shop for her pieces visit her at Caroline Swift.
All images and information are courtesy of Caroline Swift. Thank you so much for letting me share your beautiful work.
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