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fabulous fauteuils – the sculpted metal + leather bowl chair

The Sculpted Metal + Leather Bowl Chair

I admit, it has been a while since my last post. My vacation to St. John ended just as Vermont decided it was finally time to end winter for real and allow planting without fear of frost. Coming fresh from the tropics there was no way I wasn’t going to try and emulate them here. I’m even trying cactus in my hanging baskets… but that’s for a different post. I apologize for the momentary pause, sometimes you just need to gather yourself and get some perspective.

So I’ve been wondering, what will I write about? What am I inspired by lately?… Well, I know what it is today. This chair.

The Sculpted Metal + Leather Bowl Chair from West Elm.




yes please – sud de sur

Sud de Sur Madera Mini Bag in Cognac

One of my favorite new accessories companies is Sud De Sur. Inspired by a road trip to Big Sur, Los Angeles based couple, Barrett Prendergast and André Vippolis, combined their diverse backgrounds in fashion and photography to create a brand aesthetic reflective of their taste, travels, and sensibility. The manifestation of this is Sud De Sur. And it is perfect.

The modern yet timeless designs, the astutely conjured color palette, and the impeccable construction speak to the couples’ innate design sense and their easygoing, worldly style.

Sud de Sur Topanga Clutch pink

Sud de Sur Madera Mini Bag California Clutch

Sud De Sur Topanga Clutch Orange

A luxury accessories company informed by nature, the elements, and the rich California landscape, Sud de Sur is evocative of the modern bohemian lifestyle. With uncompromised attention to quality of construction and detail, Sud de Sur is dedicated to creating timeless pieces that are dynamic, playful, and sophisticated. The collection includes the Madera Mini, the California Clutch, and the Topanga Clutch which have all quickly become favorites amongst the stylish and in-the-know.

Sud de Sur's California Clutch in Orange and Topanga Clutch in Coral

And now you know, too… and you should also know that they’re made in LA! Love it so.

Sud De Sur Topanga Clutch in Desert




fabulous fauteuils – the leather butterfly


…more like butter.

From CB2.




brown baggin’ it

The Kraft Carrier from Slow and Steady Wins the Race is a reinterpretation of the standard kraft market bag. Redesigned in either tobacco suede or white leather it is fabulous. Being a fan of all things deconstructed and re-envisioned I find myself particularly drawn the manifesto of Slow and Steady Wins the Race. They are a conceptual clothing and accessory line that reinterprets the classical everyday wardrobe. They ask: What do we wear? Why do we wear it? And how can we create new classics that are timely and timeless, unique yet universal?

Their work is a logical dissection of fashion, an investigation into the basic elements of what we wear, and a considered response to the hyper-consumerist pace of fashion. Their intention is to push and produce interesting and significant pieces from the simplest fabrics and materials with a focus on the fundamental characteristics of clothing design, while contributing a commentary on the anthropology of fashion. Each piece, from the earliest to the most current, is still available today as a testament that good design is always relevant. The philosophy behind Slow and Steady Wins the Race breaks the rule that fashion must constantly change.

This is perhaps what I love most about their No. 13 Line – The Standard Bag Collection, of which the Kraft Carrier is a part. This collection is a simple statement on turning the ordinary upside-down and subverting it into something more extraordinary by combining two extremes. For their muse they take generic grocery and market bags and redesign them in fine leathers – creating oxymorons for your arm. Love it.

The Bodega Bag is available in black leather and chestnut lambskin, the Kraft Carrier in tobacco suede and white leather, and the Drawstring Sac in printed crocodile lambskin and curry suede. Yes please for sure.

To see more of their collections visit them at Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

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