yes please – a quiet celebration by morie nishimura

A Quiet Celebration, brass mirror by Morie Nishimura

More than just a mirror, Morie Nishimura‘s A Quiet Celebration, is a celebration of craft, a reflection of both past and present. Constructed of mirrored brass hinged circles, the mirror opens and closes like a butterfly. The sleek gold face is juxtaposed against the back side which has a rough brass finish, which adds to the dimension and interest. At face value, it is a beautiful and unusual piece of functional art.

But Nishimura seeks more than this end with his pieces. He hopes to “revive the idea of having respect for these simple objects and to rebuild the relationship between our society and the tools we have come to take for granted. Through their use, these objects inspire a quiet appreciation of the place that tools, both simple and complex, occupy in the structure of human civilization.” He hopes¬†“to reconnect humans and their artifacts in quiet celebration of form, function, and craft.”

Mirrors were not always made of glass and silver nitrate. As far back as 3000 BC our ancestors were using polished brass to see themselves. A Quiet Celebration pays tribute to this fact, connecting us to our past and the evolution of mirror throughout time. And it does so beautifully.

A Quiet Celebration, brass mirror by Morie Nishimura

Available for purchase at Merchant no. 4.

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