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yes please – chalkboard pots


I love these chalkboard pots from terrain! Not only are they black and white, which judging from my last few posts is a theme – but they are slate – which is another thing I have a thing for. In addition to their simple yet striking good looks they are a great idea – especially if you make your own, eat local, or buy in bulk. And if you do, bravo – you are someone after my own heart.
As it’s spring and time for farmer’s markets, and strawberry season is around the corner, these pots would be a great addition for the breakfast table, or for afternoon tea on the porch. They would also be great packaging for a gift of your own making or as a stylish step up for a restaurant or coffee shop.
All are available from terrain.



J’aime Jme

As many of you know, I have a soft spot in my heart for mayo. Maybe that was the wrong way to phrase that. I have been know to say that if mayonnaise didn’t exist, the world would be a terrible place to live. Okay, well sandwiches would be no fun at all, and say farewell to tuna and egg salad, artichoke dip, deviled eggs, and pretty much any creamy salad dressing.

So, while I tend to bring out the Hellman’s, I was very pleased to find this mayo from Jamie Oliver’s new pantry collection, Jme, at Williams-Sonoma. I love the line, not only because it includes some fab condiments, but because the labels are awesome (as I referred to in my previous blog post.) I love the handwritten graphics. If you want to add some style to your fridge, and deliciousness to, well, in your belly, look for them here. I hear the raspberry jam is amazing!




pantry projects

Burgon and Ball Perfectly Pickled Jar

If you’re anything like me, then you love a good project… and anything to do with organizing, especially in a visually appealing way that probably involves buying something. That is why I love these jars from Burgon and Ball, available in the U.S. here. For starters, they just look amazing. No more sticky labels with messy handwriting – just smooth glass and a fabulous font.

Not only do they look great, but the jar’s very nature begs for a project. As does the fact that we have now moved into the dwindling days of summer – okay I give in, the early days of fall. So it’s the perfect time to come up with things to do inside, that are warm, like canning. You may still have a lot of tomatoes left on the vine – make tomato jam. Or maybe you have, unlike me, already embraced fall and gone apple picking – make apple chutney. Cleaning up the garden? Homegrown herbs.

Burgon and Ball Delicious Jam Jar
Burgon and Ball Homegrown Herb Jar

Not sure how to fill your jars? Try this amazing cookbook. “Make your own bacon, cheese, and marshmallows” – um, awesome! (Stay tuned for my two new favorite cookbooks!)

Jam it - Pickle it - Cure it - A cookbook on preserving food.
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