the home in my head

A converted barn is used for this rustic dining room.A little while ago I spent some time daydreaming and designing the house which I will build when I am wildly successful (this is how I have spent countless hours.) Now being a creative person and in the industry of design, and after many years of visual merchandising and styling, I (for better or worse) can create highly elaborate visual worlds in my head – to a very minute detail. So off I went designing the glasshouse dining room which will have lemon trees and rosemary planted in it, the working pantry off the kitchen for prep work and for bread baking, the tiled stone courtyard that you drive into as you approach the house… all designed with an earthy, natural, rustic, modern elegance.
So with my new home in my head you can understand my surprise when, waiting to get my hair done, I opened the new issue of Elle Decor to find, well, kind of it.
A rustic, yet modern living room.
A rustic, yet modern kitchen.
A dark, neutral living room.
An outdoor dining area with a fireplace.
A rustic lofted bedroom in olive and natural with a suzani bedcover.
A bathroom in neutral tones with a silver tub.
All images courtesy of Elle Decor.
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