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savoring summer – 10 must-do’s before labor day

10 must do's before labor day - lie in the grass | FINDING SHIBUSA

1. lie in the grass

What’s more summer than lying lazily in the grass with nowhere to be? The blades tickling your legs, leaving criss-cross imprints. The sound of cicadas humming in the background.

10 must do's before labor day - pick a wildflower bouquet | FINDING SHIBUSA

2. pick a wildflower bouquet

It is definitely a necessity to wander. Go for a walk in wild and savor the beautiful yellows, rusts, and purples of late summer. Pick yourself a wildflower bouquet like this beautiful bunch from Style Me Pretty. You’ll be glad you did every time you see it.

10 must do's before labor day - go skinny dipping | FINDING SHIBUSA

3. go skinny dipping

Go for it… There’s nothing quite so exhilarating.

10 must do's before labor day - eat a creemee | FINDING SHIBUSA

4. eat a creemee

Or whatever you call them… They are an integral part of the summering process and a must-have-one-more for summer’s end. In Vermont we call them creemees, but you can see all the colloquialisms on this apropos tee from local favorite Syrup Souvenir Shop (also available in a onesie!). My favorite, and of course non-traditional, creemee is the affogato creemee from the Bluebird Coffee Stop – mocha soft serve drizzled with a shot of espresso and sprinkled with cacao nibs. It is divine.

wear your favorite sundress

5. wear your favorite sundress

Those fall fashions can wait. There are only a few days left that you can float around in swishy summer dresses.

10 must do's before labor day - make sangria | FINDING SHIBUSA

6. make sangria

Pretty soon it will be all about ciders and bourbon and cinnamon and anise. This seems like the perfect excuse to make a pitcher of sangria and share it with friends.

10 must do's before labor day - sleep outside | FINDING SHIBUSA

7. sleep outside

Like skinny dipping, there is nothing so freeing as sleeping outside in the fresh air, under the stars.

10 must do's before labor day - make s'mores | FINDING SHIBUSA

8. make s’mores

S’mores takes me back to summertime hikes at summer camp where after dinner we would sit around the campfire and toast and occasionally blacken our way to the sweet sticky melding of sugar, chocolate, and graham cracker.

10 must do's before labor day - eat a peach | FINDING SHIBUSA

9. eat a peach

They taste like summer, and will never be as good as they are now.

10 must do's before labor day - paint your nails your favorite summer shade | FINDING SHIBUSA

10. paint your nails your favorite summer shade

Give those corals a final flourish!

Spend your last few summer days truly savoring summer. Did I miss anything? Let me know. xoxo

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share a drink? – plum shrub cocktail

share a drink? - plum shrub cocktail

As I mentioned last week, I am a fan of the well-conceived cocktail. And as there are so many inspiring things being done these days, I just had to start sharing a drink with you.

This week’s cocktail is the essence of brooding and depth. It is an evolution of flavors, sharp, sweet, nutty, dry, and touching on the stone fruits. A perfect match for a season that is decidedly fall in the morning and night, but which summer is still resolutely clinging to by day. The Plum Shrub Cocktail comes from Todd, the Drinks Editor at Honestly Yum, an honestly great blog that I like to frequent for food and drink inspiration.

Not only do you get a perfectly composed cocktail with this, but you get an education. What exactly is a shrub anyway? Now we know. Thank you Todd for a truly smart drink.

plum shrub cocktail

Dreamt up by: Todd at Honestly Yum
Serves: 1


  1. Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass.
  2. Fill your mixing glass with ice.
  3. Stir for a full 30 seconds. Sometimes good things take time.
  4. Insert the large ice cube into an old fashioned glass.
  5. Strain your cocktail over ice and garnish with a slice of fresh plum.

Recipe and images from Honestly Yum.
Cheers, I hope you stop back and elevate your spirits with me each week.




yes please – natural pool

I love this natural pool I found on Marie-Claire Maison. The image is so ethereal and other-worldly. So Midsummer Night’s dreamy… and exactly where I would like to be. Love the candles, the grouping of sticks, the raw tiles, the natural water which is such a deep, restful color, and the pillowed and bolstered couch. So serene and rejuvenating… yes, please.

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