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destinations – treehotel

When I first stumbled upon the Treehotel in Sweden I was rendered speechless, beyond words, it is simply… wow. I love it when people conceive of things, particularly in architecture, that I would never have dreamed – like many of Frank Gehry’s creations. The Treehotel is one of those things… or groups of things.
Located in Harads, North Sweden, it is a hotel comprised of separate tree houses/guest suites which have all been designed by different architects. The idea for the hotel stemmed from an independent film called Treelovers, filmed in Harads village. After the filming, a tree house which had been built for the film was left empty, and Kent Lindvall, the man behind Treehotel, asked to rent it… and the idea was formed.
A few years later, he went, with his idea, and a group of architect friends, on a fishing trip to Russia. As they sat around their campfire drinking vodka he told them his idea and they loved it. So they went to the forest and, charged with the mission to create something new that you could not find anywhere else in the world, they began designing. The architects were not allowed to speak to each other, but had to design something completely unique that reflected the forest, and nature.
In the case of the Mirrorcube, pictured above, this idea is quite literally rendered in the design. How amazing is that? Again… wow.
The Bird’s Nest also integrates beautifully with its surroundings. Hailed as an amazing place for tranquility and deep thought, the only entrance is a retractable ladder in the floor, which can be pulled up to make you completely untouchable.

The Cabin, perched aloft in the trees, is surrounded on all sides by a panorama of treetops. In the center of the room there is a big bed, from which you can gaze out at the forest, above and below. It is the largest of the tree houses and has a big open terrace on the roof.

The Blue Cone, which is actually bright red, boasts the best views, and is sitting overlooking a river. Also on the property, and in development, are the Room With a View and the UFO – you must have a look… and don’t forget the Tree Sauna!
For a remarkable concept and extraordinary, inspirational design, thank you Treehotel. I hope that you all get a chance to visit and take a moment in the serenity, the tranquility, where nature and design cohabitate. To learn more about Treehotel visit their website here, to translate the site go here, or view them via Welcome Beyond, another must-look site.
All images courtesy of Welcome Beyond.



a modern scandinavian bohemian home

The modern Scandinavian bohemian home of Marie Olsson Nylander.
The modern Scandinavian bohemian living room of Marie Olsson Nylander.
The modern Scandinavian bohemian living room of Marie Olsson Nylander.

I came across the home of Swedish interior designers Bill and Marie Olsson Nylander and had to share. Their home is a recently renovated 1970’s Swedish waterfront villa in Arild, Sweden. And it is a home, not a house. The pieces were chosen with such a definite and mesmerizing point of view that you cannot help but know who lives there, and, as far as I’m concerned, want to be them.
The mix of rough and raw vintage and ethnic elements with the clean lines of modernist pieces is inspiring and unexpected, while the splashes of color against the stark white interior demand attention. I love it.  The renovated space is fabulous, the furniture and decorative elements are perfect and provocative, and oh yeah, I’m a sucker for a spiral staircase.

The modern Scandinavian bohemian dining room of Marie Olsson Nylander.
Spiral staircase at the home of Marie Olsson Nylander
The modern Scandinavian bohemian office of Marie Olsson Nylander.The modern Scandinavian bohemian home of Marie Olsson Nylander.
The modern Scandinavian bohemian living room of Marie Olsson Nylander.

Images courtesy of The Northern Elevation.

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