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yes please – shibori wallpaper

Shibori Wallpaper - Aleutian Stripe

A design trend that I can’t get enough of, Shibori continues to please, and for good reason. The deep, saturated, evocative patterns and hues draw you in, melding modern, geometric, and abstract with a global, painterly feel. Shibori is a form of Japanese tie dying in which there are an infinite number of ways to twist, bind, and tie the fabric to achieve patterns. What is interesting about Shibori, is that it is not only the desired pattern that dictates the technique used, but the type of fabric. The Shibori techniques work in harmony with the characteristics of the cloth used. I appreciate that.

Shibori Wallpaper - Aleutian Star

Pepa Martin and Karen Davis are the Australian design duo behind Shibori, a boutique textile agency which has pushed the boundaries of this ancient Japanese craft, modernizing the shibori techniques on new materials. Shibori Wallpaper is an example. So striking, I love them all. The wallcoverings are available both at retail and to-the-trade. In the U.S. they are available at Studio Four NYC. See all the colors and patterns here.

Shibori Wallpaper - Angel

All images of Shibori via Design Sponge.




makin’ it – this room, that leopard wallcovering

makin' it - this room, that leopard wallcovering

I would have said the chair, but then that leopard wallcovering really makes a statement. Especially when you see the rest of the room, in the house that belonged to Jean Cocteau. A feast for the eyes and mind.

For your own leopard wallcovering click here.




yes please – inkblot wallcoverings

Timorous Beasties Chic Blotch Inkblot Wallcoverings

Timorous Beasties Colonnade Blotch Inkblot Wallpaper

s Beasties Blotch Stripe Inkblot Wallpaper

Timorous Beasties Chic Blotch Inkblot Wallpaper

s Beasties Colonnade Blotch Inkblot Wallpaper

s Beasties Sphere Stripe Inkblot Wallcoverings

s Beasties Colonnade Blotch Inkblot Wallpaper

When I was a little girl I was an avid “painter”. I used to love putting globs of different colored paints on paper and then folding it and squishing it around, opening it to reveal the surreal, saturated swirls of color. It’s no surprise then, that the inkblot wallcoverings from Timourous Beasties blow my mind. Perhaps that is the point as they are inspired by the infamous Rorschach inkblots. Truly stunning, truly a statement maker.




clash act – belle isle + peacock

clash act - belle isle wall covering + brass and agate peacock lamp

do you love it or hate it?

The latest from my new blog series – clash act – where I pick two objects of home decor and put them together, for better or worse.

Wallcovering from Schumacher, lamp from Craig Van Den Brulle via 1st Dibs.




clash act – cerulean + sorciere

Clash Act - Natalie Cerulean Wallpaper + Miroire Sorciere

do you love it or hate it?

And just like that, with this + that, a new blog series is launched. Introducing my new series – clash act – where I’ll be picking two objects of home decor and putting them together, for better or worse.

Wallpaper from abc carpet and home, mirror from bakelita via 1st Dibs.




black and white chevron

Image #1 courtesy of French American Wallpaper.
Image #2 courtesy of Happy Mundane.
Image #3 courtesy of apartment therapy.
Image #4 courtesy of 6th Street Design School.
Image #5 courtesy of Pinterest.
Image #6 courtesy of Haute Look.
Image #7 courtesy of Design Sponge.
Image #8 courtesy of Pinterest.




inspired palette #6 – purple + purple









Palette courtesy of Kuler.
Image #1 courtesy of decor.lux-interior.net.
Image #2 courtesy of interior complex.
Image #3 courtesy of weheartit.
Image #4 & #6 courtesy of house to home.
Image #5 courtesy of Frog Hill Designs
Image #7 courtesy of Eclectic Revisited.
Image #8 courtesy of Design Wagen.
Image #9 courtesy of Braebourne Farm.



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