yes please – traditions in textiles

Navajo-Inspired Towels by Pendelton - Chief Joseph, Jerome

Navajo-Inspired Towels by Pendelton - Big Thunder, Canyonlands

Navajo-Inspired Towels by Pendelton - Chief Joseph, Arrowhead

Navajo-Inspired Towels by Pendelton - Diamond Desert, Suwanee Stripe


My world revolves around textiles. I have such a passion for the color, the patterns, the textures, the hand. And it’s only recently that I put two and two together and realized that it’s not my fault, really. It was born into me.

I grew up in the world of Laura Ashley. In the early days, when the company consisted of just a handful of people, my mom used to work with Laura on fabric designs and patterns. Shortly after I was born, my dad, with my mom and I in tow, opened the first Laura Ashley store in San Francisco – which is how we ended up moving from the mountains of Wales to America. He then went on to open the next two hundred during my formative years – and so fabrics and fashion shows, and yes, florals flowed. And interestingly, I now work for Anichini, which has the most extraordinary collection of artisanal textiles – the handloomed silks and cashmeres, the linens, the brocades and jacquards… see I just can’t help myself when it comes to textiles.

So what really made this innate passion in my blood stir were these fabulous towels from Pendleton, a company with its own rich history in textiles. They have taken their Native American inspired blanket patterns and recreated them in terry for the bath, spa, or beach. And they are amazing – the patterns and the colors, seriously how do you choose? Adding even greater difficulty to the decision making is that the reverse of each is equally intriguing and transforms each design into a totally different look. I love them. They are definitely going to give my beach towel a run for its money.

1. Jerome in maroon (reverse), 2. Chief Joseph in khaki, 3. Big Thunder in storm (reverse), 4. Canyonlands in desert sky, 5. Chief Joseph in cherry, 6. Arrowhead in grey heather, 7. Diamond Desert in sandstone, 8. Turquoise Trail in agave.

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